Monday, February 15, 2010

Lyndsay Hailey's "30% Chance of Hailey" Solo Sketch Show

What are you doing Tuesday at 8pm? If you reside in Chicago, do yourself a favor and check out "30% Chance of Hailey," comedian Lyndsay Hailey's solo sketch show.

Hailey's comedy is hard to quickly characterize: The show includes real life stories, hyper-energetic rapping, historical romance, gymnastics, impeccable accents, singing and a lovely dose of audience participation. Hailey is a comedian's comedian- her jokes almost take on a meta quality as she's simultaneously being funny and making fun of the comedic convention being used. (Think poking fun of vague miming or obligatory audience participation... Okay, admittedly less funny when you try to explain it, but funnier when you actually see it!) Her grandiose characters are well complemented by the subtler moments when she plays herself, reenacting her own experiences.

Upcoming shows:
  • Tuesday, February 16
  • Tuesday, February 23
  • Tuesday, March 02

All shows are at 8:00 PM in the Del Close Theater at iO- tickets are $12 (FREE for iO students)