Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Status Update

Great news! Things are happening. We've got writers. We've got supporters.  We've even got a sizable facebook group (an infallible indicator of success, we're sure!).

Without wanting to give away our columnists... we've got some fantastic contributors and comedians involved. And the outstanding Anna P. has graciously stepped in as an editor. Rockstar Dani will be helping with layout design.

Thanks to everyone who has already pitched in (not to mention Courtney, our Tech Mistress, Katie G., our citizen journalism maven, and Carrie, our catalyst for bringing this project to reality).

Also, the search is on for an art director and business manager. If you're interested, send us a resume (and of course, until we secure some stable funding, this is pro bono work- we do it for the love of the game!).

And of course, we're still seeking submissions (or pitches).

Thank you for your support.

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