Sunday, September 13, 2009

Congratulations to Marina Franklin

Seeing as she is three things this blog loves (hilarious, from Chicago, a woman), Wisecrack has previously big-upped Marina Franklin on several occasions for her continued commitment to awesome. So it was with that thrill of excitement/arrogance that comes when the rest of the world realizes something you always knew to be true that we read that Ms. Franklin will be working as a "comic correspondent" on Jay Leno's new show.

From Chicago Now:
Chicago is killing the game, comedy-wise of late. First, Hannibal Buress -- local stand-up star-- gets the call to join "SNL" to be a writer.

Now, we've gotten word that Marina Franklin, another Windy Town native, has landed a gig on the new "Jay Leno Show." She, along with a list of comics including DL Hughley, will serve as a comic correspondent on the show that debuts on Sept. 14.

Yessssss. I'm pretty dubious about the prospects of Leno's new show, especially considering that it's a big fuck-you to Conan O'Brien, and also that Leno's a huge hack, but with Franklin on board, there's a chance it could actually be worth watching. Plus, good for her and all that.

Here's Franklin on YouTube:

Thanks to Chicago Now.

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