Thursday, March 29, 2012

Feminism and Male Comics

I'd like to take a moment of your time to steer you over here to Molly Knefel's excellent article, "Feminism is for Everybody, Especially Male Comics," on the Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy site.

Knefel writes:

"[...] There are a lot of men in the comedy world (STOP THE PRESSES!!!) and, obviously, there’s a multitude of perspectives and beliefs and life experiences amongst those men. There’s also an incredible amount of sexism in the comedy world (I SAID STOP THE GODDAMN PRESSES), but despite my tendency to be a very vocal crank about said sexism, I also have a lot of optimism and hope that many of the men in this community really do value equality. I’m talking about the men who may still use the word “cunt,” who may still have entire open mic sets about how women don’t want to fuck them, but who treat their female colleagues with respect and laugh at their jokes and cast them in roles that aren’t just sluts and moms. [...]
"[...] As comedians, it’s our job to think critically. The word “feminism” has been smeared for decades, but if you believe in the simple and just idea that the genders should be treated equally, then please do not let fear and stereotypes stop you from saying so. This comedy shit is too hard for us to not support each other, and women are too funny for men to not stand up (ha, ha) and say so."

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