Friday, April 24, 2009

Mary Mack Attack

I'm currently in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, "no, you go first" courtesy showdowns at four-way stop signs and jello mixed with cottage cheese, tangerine slices and- if you're lucky- shredded carrot.

Which puts me in the perfect mood for self-described "folk humorist" Mary Mack. Her midwest-focused work often includes musical numbers, a few of which can be found at her website,


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  1. I was very impressed with Mary Mack, and I went on youtube to find more clips of her stand up when I found myself watching an interview with a guy named South Side Steve. Apparently he does a radio show in Atlanta and then films interviews, posts them on Youtube, and calls it "South Side Steve TV" or SSSTV. Anyway, this guy interviewed Mary Mack and it turns out that he's awful and probably pretty typical of the type of people that she has to deal with. There is also an equally enraging interview he did with Maria Bamford on youtube. Creepy as all hell.