Saturday, April 18, 2009

Smart Girl at the Party

I'm talking about the one, the only, Amy Poehler.

Why She's Badass:

1. She celebrates and honors young girls who are changing the world by being themselves with her online show Smart Girls at the Party. Check out the episode with Ruby the Feminist. Ruby's five years old. Nuff said.

2. Remember this?

3. Poehler's natural talent for "grossout humor" (One-legged hypoglycemic Amber with a flatulence problem, anyone?). And she's taking on the gross boy's club with her new movie Spring Breakdown, out on DVD this summer.

Feeling behind the times because you missed it in theaters? Actually, you didn't. Warner Brothers decided to release straight to DVD. So why, WB, did you pass up on the opportunity to put out this possible comedic gem to the masses? Recession cutbacks? No way, comedies are still making money. Is it simply a dud? Well, you are releasing 17 Again and Ghost of Girlfriends Past. So I ask, Really?! Really Warner Brothers? Straight to DVD?! Do you think that women can't handle being leads outside of romantic comedies (which are not really comedies but that's a post for another day)?

It's not like there's no star power (SB also stars Parker Posey, Rachel Dratch, Amber Tamblyn, and Jane Lynch). All of these women have a following. Do you think there's no demand? Whatevs, man.

Wisecrack readers, I issue you with a call to action: Rent Spring Breakdown. If you like it, buy the DVD (we'll show you WB!). Watch Amy's new show. Show studios that it's time for some equal opportunity goofball fun.

To get you pumped, I leave you with a little Parks and Rec:

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