Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Try this incredibly fun, rewarding interactive experience!

Pic by Flickr's Pink Sherbet

Alright folks.  This is an interactive blog post.  Here's what we need you to do:

1.  Look to the left of this column.

2. Scroll down and check out the list of comedians and shows (then come back, we'll wait).

3.  Get upset about who we've neglected to link to.

4.  Leave a comment about who we should include on the list.

5.  Go back and check out some of the phenomenal comedians already listed.

6.  Enjoy some sherbet, like our technicolor tween model.


  1. Still no Elivra? I weep. ;-)

  2. How comprehensive do you want this list?

    Consider starting a Wikipedia Topic dedicated to Feminist Comediennes, that links to all the comedienne's Wikipages. This would allow others to add to and modify the list. It would also encourage folks to create Wikipages for all the feminist comediennes on the list who don't have already!

    I would put Jackie Kashian on the list. She's a working comedienne and the host of BlogTalkRadio's "The Dork Forest." http://www.jackiekashian.com/

    Mary Jo Pehl of Mystery Science Theater and now, Cinematic Titanic. http://www.maryjopehl.com/

    Sarah Vowel is hilarious, but I can't find an official site for her. Here's a facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-Vowell/29780344342

    I'll mention a couple up and comers, future stars. Molly Lewis (aka SweetAfton23) is a song-crafter of comic Ukulele Tunes. She'a a luminary on YouTube and recently beat Garfunkel and Oates by winning quickstopentertainment.com's "Masters of Song Fu" song writing contest! http://sweetafton23.com/

    Finally, Hannah Friedman(WritingHannah)just came out with her first book, a memoir of high school called, "Everything Sucks"! Plus her YouTube videos are gems, hilarious and with definite feminist sensibilities. http://www.hannahfriedman.com/

  3. Adelina Anthony! colorlines.com/article.php?ID=522

  4. Kathy Griffin!

    Also, second on Mary Jo Pehl.

  5. @rusty - I second that, but would change the wikipedia listing to Female Comedians. Female Comediennes is redundant.