Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Web Comedy Reveiew: Chick Comedy

As the name implies, Chick Comedy features comedy by  women, for women, on a woman-friendly pink, lipstick-kissy background.  Videos include comedy news, stand up performances and solo sketch shows, ranging from amateurs to videos featuring Chelsea Handler, Natasha Leggaro and Melinda Hill.  

The most popular video at Chick Comedy, featuring Anjelah Johnson:

Overall, this is the Cosmo of women's comedy sites: Pretty girls being heteronormative to the max (while making jokes!).   As the women's wing of the site Comedy Time, I'm going to go ahead and posit that it wasn't created by women.  Or anyone under 30 (who says "chick" anymore?).  But it's still nice that it exists.  It gives new comedians a place to be featured and discovered by fans who are bored of Comedy Central's typical dude-itude. 

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