Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aunt Flow is a Riot!

I'm getting my dose of late night TV and see this gem:

What say you? Is this a step towards acceptance of "that time of the month"? I don't have any answers but it's better than some lady in a green suit handing you a gift box on the beach (Thanks Tampax).

Also if you know the comedian in this commercial, let us know if she's done anything else. She's got great comedic timing!


  1. Whoa. That tiny door woman. Terrifying.

    Other screen monsters at Yahoo Answers have identified the comedienne as Lynne Koplitz.

    Midol put up another one yesterday:

    And they've started a MidolComedy account. Interesting.

    Interesting that they're using supposedly real stand-up footage. I guess it acknowledges that women... shock of all shocks... watch and enjoy comedy (try telling that to Comedy "We cater to men 18-35" Central). It does reinforce the stereotype that comediennes only talk about their period... but it features comediennes on mainstream TV (granted, Midol hasn't been naming them in the ads). Oh, my poor, confused little lady brain!

    Okay, upon further reflection, I like this campaign (so far). If someone is going to hawk PMS meds, I prefer being in on the joke, rather than made to feel insecure. Here's a hilarious example of the typical obnoxious writing for women's products:


  2. Alright! We have now identified the comedienne in the second Midol ad as Chicago's own Lauren Ashley Bishop. Check her out here: http://www.laurenashleybishop.com