Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Funny & Fine" Sexy Comedienne Poll at Huffpost

A "Who's the sexiest comedienne?" poll is going on over at Huffpost today.   
Gah.  One on hand, sure, these women are extremely crushable and Huff gives them props in the intro.  But must we recognize their awesomeness with a beauty pageant poll?  

Yeah, yeah, they're doing the same to male comedians on Thursday.  It still doesn't sit right with me.  


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  1. This is WRONG on so many levels. First off, the title is "Funny & Fine: Who's America's Sexiest Comedienne? You Decide!" But the fifteen comediennes (and I HATE that word, can't we just say "comedians"?) were arbitrarily chosen by the Huffington Post. Why is Sherri Shepherd on the list, but not Joy Behar or Whoppi Goldberg? Why is Ellie Kemper from "The Office" on the list, but Jamie Presley from "My Name is Earl" is not? Does somebody at the Huff Post not think Presley is funny or are they blind?

    Where are Goldie Hawn or Lily Tomlin? When did they stop being funny or sexy? Where are Casey Wilson, Kate "Oates" Micucci, Sloane Crosley, Jackie Kashian or Sarah Vowel?

    Next, why must we decide by giving each woman a score from 1 to 10? Then WHY are the women instantly scored and ranked? Must we quantify this? Must we turn our appreciation for these women and their sexiness into a dime-store pageant or cattle call?

    And who are the NIMRODS doing the rankings?

    Most of the rankings seem to be based on who is more famous, who has a flattering or sexified picture in Huff Post's photo gallery and where they are listed. Specifically, Maria Bamford should NOT be ranking 14th out of 15! Amy Sedaris is #3? Have people lost touch with reality, or are they basing their vote on the fact that Sedaris is the first comedian pictured and she has a photo spoofing the Herb Alpert cover, "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" (essentially naked and covered in desert topping)? Sedaris is cute, but there are more than two comedians on this list who objectively are sexier, Bamford being one of them.

    I don't mind the Huff Post celebrating 15 arbitrary comedians and their sexiness! It's their blog, they get to choose who to feature. But why have us RANK them? And why can't we rank male and female comedians together, side by side? People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People lists both men and women.

    Finally if we are forced to RANK these lovely and funny women, why can't the general public get it even close to RIGHT!