Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good, Then Bad News for AbFab Fans

Remember Absolutely Fabulous, the British sit-com? It followed the lives of Edina and Patsy- two drunken, single, middle-aged best friends, obsessed with fashion and staying hip. The show gained a huge following during its run from 1992 to 1996 and again from 2001 to 2005...and was slated to become an American remake on Fox. That is, until it was officially canceled earlier this week. 

In the show, Edina and Patsy seemed perpetually hung-over while striving to be ultra glamorous, wearing excessive make-up and leopard print tights, while never admitting that they are getting older. Edina's mature teenage daughter, Saffy, was constantly disappointed in them, taking on a reversed parent/child relationship. 

The new show was to be directed by Mitch Hurwitz, known for directing two amazing shows: Arrested Development and The Golden Girls. The original Edina Monsoon, Jennifer Saunders, would have been the executive producer. The American version was to be set in Los Angeles, starring Kristen Johnston from 3rd Rock from the Sun as Patsy and Kathryn Hahn from the Revolutionary Road as Edina. 

In an article about the cancellation, Fox apparently wondered if the show was really for their audience. 

Oh, how Fox got our hopes up!

A clip from the original show, for old times sake: 

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